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The Inquiry received 62 submissions in response to its terms of reference. The period for providing a submission to the Inquiry commenced on 13 September 2022 and closed on 30 September 2022.

Submissions received by the Inquiry are published below with the name of the person or organisation who made the submission, unless the author did not consent to publication, or if there was another reason not to publish the submission (for example, if the submission contained scandalous or defamatory material). Some submissions have been published anonymously because the author requested that the submission be published in this way. Some submissions have been published with redactions (for example, to omit personal information or other irrelevant material).


The views or opinions expressed in submissions are those of the author. Neither the Inquiry nor the Commonwealth adopt or endorse any comments expressed in submissions. Submissions are published to inform the public debate and in the interests of transparency and accountability.

Neither the Inquiry nor the Commonwealth warrants the truth or accuracy of the content of any submission and no person should rely on the content of any submission without undertaking independent inquiries.


To ensure that the privacy of individuals is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, and that the Inquiry complies with other legal obligations, some submissions are published with certain details redacted (for example, addresses and phone numbers). Further information about privacy can be found at Privacy.

If a person has any concerns about the publication of a submission, see Contact us.


Date Submitted by Document
Pollen Communications SUB.0001.0001.0081
Gary Campbell SUB.0002.0001.0084
Anonymous SUB.0005.0001.0004
Ray Johnson SUB.0001.0001.0091
Adam Johnston SUB.0002.0001.0086
Roseanne Byrne SUB.0001.0001.0092
Geoff Bridgland SUB.0002.0001.0089
Professor S Stoneway SUB.0001.0001.0093
Dr David Solomon AM SUB.0002.0001.0138
Viki West SUB.0001.0001.0094
Dr Michael de Percy SUB.0002.0001.0143
Mick Quinlivan SUB.0001.0001.0184
Thomas Killip SUB.0003.0001.0161
Judith Kirby SUB.0001.0001.0198
Emeritus Professor John Wanna and Adjunct Professor Robert McMahon PSM SUB.0003.0001.0173
Ian Russell SUB.0002.0001.0008
Professor Luke Beck SUB.0003.0001.0283
The Law Society of New South Wales SUB.0002.0001.0011
Kelvin SUB.0003.0001.0287
Julian Ormond Green SUB.0002.0001.0013
Roger Davenport SUB.0003.0001.0304
Paul Gregory Morgan SUB.0001.0001.0036
Graham Langdown SUB.0002.0001.0023
Neil Francey SUB.0003.0001.0312
Alexandra Victoria Forwood SUB.0001.0001.0072
Dr Anne Macduff and Nicholas Bulbeck (ASCEND Project, ANU College of Law) SUB.0002.0001.0027
OzSAGE SUB.0003.0001.0313
John Crowther SUB.0001.0001.0074
Damian Marley SUB.0002.0001.0036
NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Liberty Victoria, South Australian Council for Civil Liberties and the Australian Council for Civil Liberties SUB.0003.0001.0326
Kim Bond SUB.0001.0001.0076
Professor Kim Rubenstein SUB.0002.0001.0037
Asset Energy Pty Ltd SUB.0004.0001.0042
Palaniappan Subramanian SUB.0001.0001.0078
Lesley Fjelly SUB.0002.0001.0069
Grata Fund SUB.0004.0001.0048
Pete Foley SUB.0001.0001.0079
Robin Brown SUB.0002.0001.0073
Anthony Hordern SUB.0005.0001.0001
Brad Morrison SUB.0001.0001.0001
Stuart Sallie SUB.0001.0001.0003
Tony Maiuto SUB.0001.0001.0009
Anonymous SUB.0001.0001.0012
Paul Begley SUB.0001.0001.0026
Peter Braund SUB.0001.0001.0031
Don Willis SUB.0001.0001.0033
Alison Newman SUB.0001.0001.0035